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I am a down to earth kinda gal with a camera! I love to shoot anything and everyone, not something you can typically say about your job. I am from a small beach town near Jacksonville, Florida, and wouldn't have had it any other way. The beach is my second home--my retreat and inspiration. I have been called charismatic yet laid back---its a wonderful blend! My style includes bold colors, and fresh black and whites--classic meets contemporary with a twist of that beach lifestyle~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stop Neglecting your pets!!!!

Is your pet the photographically neglected family member?? Have you wanted to include them in your family portrait only to be told by your studio or photographer that for whatever reason you cannot bring them? Well I am glad you stumbled across this blog! I love working with pets. Animals bring security and unconditional love to a family. They are the silent comforter when things go wrong, or the jubilant and energetic counterpart when something exciting happens. Let's celebrate our pets and show everyone how important they are to us! Contact Erin either by phone 904-251-5146 or email at to book your date!!


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