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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rockin Weight Loss Post

So as some of you know I recently under went bariatric banding surgery. I have decided to create another blog to help keep people updated with my progress as well as provide a way for others considering the surgery themselves to see what its been like for me. Anyway, here's a not so quick update from my end to let all of you know whats been happening with me this week! Please make sure to check out my Rockin' Weight Loss Blog for more updates!

I had the surgery on Wed. April 8th. I went in at 5:15am and my surgery took place around 7:30. EVERYONE I encountered at Careplex Hospital was amazing. They were so nice and helpful. The hospital itself was easy to get around in, organized, and clean. I was VERY impressed with my care there and would have no problems going back again for another procedure.

Okay moving on. Everything went like clockwork until it was time for me to have my upper GI before discharge. They were a bit backed up so it prolonged my stay by about an hour. Honestly though, I didnt mind. I kept falling back to sleep so it wasnt a huge deal to me :D :D :D
The wheeled me down where a valet driver brought our car around for us and helped me in. I came home and stayed awake for an hour or so then layed down and slept it off most of that day. I was up around 7pm until about 11pm. I wasnt in a lot of pain, although movement was very slow. I had a hard time taking in any liquids also. They gave me 4 medicine cups (2 tbs each) and said to try and drink one every 15 minutes. That didnt happen! I think I got 2 or 3 cups over about 2-3 hours.

The next day I felt considerably better. I was able to drink a whole lot more than I could the night before. I was able to go to Walmart and walk around for about an hour and only took 1 pain pill. I was pretty happy. Toward the evening though is when I started to really get hungry. Liquids can only fill you up so much---which isnt very much at all to be honest. No matter how much protein shake I drank, jello I ate, or flavored water I was still hungry. It wa strange though. I can tell where the band is because when I drink something it feels full. I mean I can tell where the "constriction area" is even though the band is empty right now. So part of me feels full while the bottom part of my tummy is growling in extreme hunger. Its not a very good feeling :(
2nd day post op I decided to go to Busch Gardens for the day. I didn't get to ride anything and I certainly wasnt in a position to walk. I rented one of the motorized wheel chairs and motored around while Greg and my friend went on all the rides. Thankfully I took a book with me :) I was able to drink my shakes and pudding while there so that was good.

When we went by the Smokehouse though I thought I was going to DIE! My stomach started growling and rumbling like mad. The smell was enough to completely overwhelm me. Of course thats where everyone decided they wanted to eat so I had to sit there and smell it for about 45 minutes. It was enough to make me regret the surgery for about a split second. I mean how could I have done this when I would have to give up eating such yummy smelling foods??? Then I thought about the fact that this is only temporary and eventually I WILL be able to eat them again although not HUGE mammoth sized portions. It was sucky and hard, but I just sat there keeping that little nugget of information in my head and the pain/hunger did pass.

Last night was no different. My friend made yummy stir fry and it was enough to send my sensors into overdrive again. Anyone that says your sense or smell has nothing to do with appetite or eating is a moron! I could have killed to actually chew something and feel it settled in my stomach. I'll admit I broke down and took a bite of their dinner and chewed it into oblivion before spitting it out into a napkin. I couldnt bring myself to swallow it because I knew there was a chance it would cause the band to slip, or make me sick, or even cause worse damage inside me. It just wasnt worth it to swallow it, but it was TOTALLY worth it to chew it!

My body has been progressively getting better. I can sleep on my side again which was a major thing for me. I can sit up now without assistance and its getting easier and easier to stand up from a chair or couch. I took my dressings off yesterday and actually took a shower today by myself. I could have taken them off Friday but didnt want to push it while otu and about and worry about them starting to bleed again on my clothes. Thankfully that hasnt happened at all.

I think so far the only thing causing any major trouble for me aside from the hunger have been the gas/air pains. This was something that wasn't mentioned and will be brought up to the surgeon at my post op appointment. I didnt realize with this surgery they have to inflate your abdomen with air/gas so they can do their stuff. After the surgery is over its up to you to expel the excess air from your body. I have been burping and pooting up a storm which is very embarassing let me tell you! It is also causing quite a bit of pain in my neck and shoulder area, which I have been told now from other people who have had the surgery is to be expected.
All in all I am heeling quickly and am happy with the progress so far. I refuse to get on a scale until my post op appointment but Im hoping for about 10lbs lost by then. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)


rocketbear said...

Congratulations, lady! I hope things get easier for you as time goes on. I can't wait to hear all about your progress. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! Well, no more bacon-ators for you! You were already gorgeous and now you'll soon be a hot mama! Hope each day is getting better :) HUGS!!

Mary said...

CONGRATS!!! I am sure you will make your goal!!!

Patricia said...

Woo HOO I can't wait to hear more.

PD said...

Congratulations! Keep up the awesome work! Wish we lived closer..I need to get my butt in gear :)

Carri M. said...

Congratulations on the surgery. I can't believe how active you were so soon afterward. I hope that you get to your 100% comfort level soon. Good luck with your first 10lbs.

Tiffany Davis said...

I didn't know you were having the banding. I can't wait to see your progress little sister-friend.

BTW I love your blog! :)

Jenny Jardine Photography said...

Sounds like you are recovering well!! Good luck on your recovery!!

Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing about your experience - sounds like you have been recovering amazingly well. Keep up the great work!

Evie Curley said...

I will be thinking of you and sending vibes for quick recovery your way!! Sounds like things are already going quite well for you. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Schona Kessler Photography said...

Wow! What a story. I hope it goes great for you. I have a friend who got something like that done and she started well over 250 lbs...that was in Feb 08 now she is down to I think a size 3 and still shrinking. She looks fab. I hope your journey is wonderful take pics every month to show it off!

Tiffany Austin | rfp said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

MPH Photography said...

Wow, congratulations hon. I hope it all works out for you and will be checking up on you as this may be something I would consider. Would love to email you about it sometime. Can't wait to see before and after shots and I bet we'll be seeing you alot more in front of the camera as time goes. :)

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