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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rain! Rain! GO AWAY!!!

Thats what the Patel family was saying as we approached our session this afternoon!! As we parked the cars and got out, we had our umbrellas in hand and looked at each other questioning whether we thought it was a good idea to do it. After much deliberation the younger men (Ghavin and Ghaelin) decided they didn't care and they wanted to go ahead today and get-r-done! Sasha on the other hand.....not so much! Well 2 against 1 always wins so off we went!

I think the eldest Patel male had some initial hesitation to having a photo shoot, but he was soon chuckling at my jokes and seemed to be having a good time! It was so great of them to brave the rain, bugs, humidity, and jellyfish on the beach to have our session.

We did end up cutting it a bit short but will be heading out again to finish up our session once the rainy weather settles down. For now though, I had a great time photographing an amazingly gorgeous family. I can't wait to take them out again!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a very successful family session! I love beach photos!

~Jen~ said...

Great job! Love the beach!

Britt Anderson said...

Love me some beach shots...looks like you handled the weather just fine!

E said...

How fun and what a great looking family!

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